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Timilee Romolini

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film STATS:

Real Name:
Timilee Romolini
Birth Place:
New York, USA
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film BACK HISTORY: Forget Hollywood's PLASTIC "beauties"... or even Old Hollywood's "classic" beauties-this stunning NY Italian has the kind of sex appeal that sneaks up on you, then-BAM!, hits you like a mack truck...kind of like the actress herself.

I was living in Bermuda the first time I laid eyes on this sultry lady. The year was 1989 and Timi arrived on Bermudian soil as a (teenaged) dancer in the much publicized Follies 10th Anniversary Show. I remember reading an article, and seeing her photo splashed across the local papers, but nothing prepared me for when the curtain rose and Timi stepped onto the stage shining brighter than all the lights beating down upon her. Amoungst a cast of many, she stood out. Your eyes were just drawn to her...and not just because she possessed the most beautiful ass I have EVER seen on a woman, but because every limb, every pore and facial expression on her oozed passion & life. I was immediately taken by her presence.

Although I did have the opportunity to meet her, I mostly admired her from afar. I just simply could not muster the courage to admit my attraction. Once, when I "accidently" bumped into her at a resturant, I was determined to profess my appetency; However, the presence of her companion (actor GREGORY HINES) detered me. My moment may have past but, LUCKILY, her's hasn't!...
film Timilee Romolini's Links
film Timilee is actively seen...
on both big and little screens everywhere; and I'm pleased to report, that a decade later, she still has one AMAZING ass...and her light shines even brighter! It seems she's abandoning her anonymity and that Hollywood is finally wising up and giving her a spotlight. (Not that her own light is powerful enough!!!)
Starting this year with a TV bang!: "C.S.I.", "E.R.", "FAMILY LAW"--where Timilee portrayed Marybeth Whitman [the daughter of Dixie Carter's character] but to the show's discredit, she will not be back this fall...they wasted their own good fortune by murdering the role with a violent death.
As for this summer, I found out (via on-line entertainment venues) that Timilee is working on one New York based indie film and, starting this fall, a suspense-thriller. In addition, it seems the siren is still stepping out. Click on the above links to see her gracing the red carpet, supporting the fight against Breast Cancer and more.
As always, this page is my humble shrine. I wish her all the best and hold the memory of our encounter still today. STAY TUNED!


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